Everything for £1 was the idea of our founders in 1990 and we’re still true to that great vision today. We work hard to bring you amazing value products every day with over half being sourced from the UK.

Last year, we sold some amazing products…

  • 5.5 million boxes of Maltesers
  • 2.5 million umbrellas
  • 3 million lightbulbs
  • 18 million cans of Coke
  • 250,000 garden gnomes
  • 4.4 million bags of sugar
  • 3 million metres of tinsel
  • 5.5 million bars of Toblerone

Every week, millions of savvy customers enjoy the fun and exciting shopping experience of Poundland in hundreds of stores nationwide. We are very proud to offer you a single £1 price, that hasn’t changed since we opened our first store.

From Amazing TOP BRANDS and daily ESSENTIAL items, to fantastic NEW lines and stunning WOW deals, we hope our quality and variety gives you irresistible value each visit!

Store Number:

028 9508 5012